When over a hundred years ago my great-grandfather made his first coat, his dream of starting his own fashion brand took shape. Before long his humble workshop had become a popular fashion studio. People came to appreciate not only his craftsmanship and attention to detail but also the personality of the creator, all of which helped to establish his signature style of elegance and refinement.

Fifty years ago, my grandfather came up with a new type of textile. His idea was soon patented and later used for industrially made fabrics. His future textile patents further innovated standard production and greatly improved the quality of household and agricultural fabrics. Many of them are still in use today.

Cut from the Same Cloth

Today, the designs for our collections of cashmere sweaters at Noah No are inspired by this family tradition. The commitment to using one’s courage, craft and inventiveness to fashion something new..


Jakub Gantner

Dreams Are for Living